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This initiative is set on finding undergraduate students, in engineering, scientific or technical backgrounds to carry forward Doug's passion and vision.

About Doug Banks

Dr Doug Banks was a man who was passionate about meeting Africa's energy challenges through the development of Renewable Energy.

Through a deep understanding of people and technology, Doug was able to speak to and shape national renewable energy policies. A number of young professionals owe their career choice to Doug's enthusiastic mentorship.

This initiative is set on finding undergraduate students, preferably from an engineering, scientific or technical background who are willing and able to carry forward Doug's passion and vision. The Doug Banks Renewable Energy Vision Trust has been formed by friends and colleagues of Dr Doug Banks who, after his untimely death in July 2008, decided to create something that would become a legacy of a truly remarkable man.

DBREV is a Trust, a registered non-profit organisation (NPO) and Public Benefit Organisation (PBO), so donations to DBREV are tax deductible. Please see our fundraising page for more info.

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We seek to fund students from the following undergraduate disciplines:









The purpose of the DBREV


We aim to attract, identify and mentor bright, capable young people who both want to study further in Renewable Energy; and have a desire to solve the challenges of Africa's future energy needs.


We intend to partner with sponsors who share our desire to develop Renewable Energy intellectual capital in South Africa, in order to build a trust fund which can to a large degree sustain itself.


We wish to form a network of professionals who wish to see bright young minds mentored in Renewable Energy.


Through this, we aim to create a living tribute to Dr Doug Banks and to carry forward his vision and passion for Renewable Energy.