Doug’s Story

Dr Doug Banks was passionate about making a difference in the lives of ordinary people, especially those communities lacking in basic amenities. He applied his engineering skills towards the development of appropriate and efficient renewable energy technologies to address African energy access challenges, especially those in rural areas.

Bringing together not only research and technical skills, but also the understanding that sustainable solutions lay in integration of technology innovation with sound policy and business frameworks, Doug’s contributions helped to advance knowledge in the then budding renewable energy sector and to shape national renewable energy policies.

Being involved in academic and practical aspects of his work he always enjoyed challenging students and interns, providing growth opportunities that led for some to the beginnings of future global careers in sustainable energy. Setting up a scholarship fund after his untimely death in July 2008 was perceived as the best way to honour his contribution of mentorship to students and co-workers, and so to build an initiative which we hope may become a legacy of a truly remarkable man.

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“I will remember Doug mostly for his unassuming passion in delivering real and effective energy services to people and communities in Southern Africa who had not enjoyed access to more modern and efficient energy services until then.”

- Glynn Morris, 2008

The purpose of the DBREV


We aim to attract, identify and mentor bright, capable young people who both want to study further in Renewable Energy; and have a desire to solve the challenges of Africa's future energy needs.


We intend to partner with sponsors who share our desire to develop Renewable Energy intellectual capital in South Africa, in order to build a trust fund which can to a large degree sustain itself.


We wish to form a network of professionals who wish to see bright young minds mentored in Renewable Energy.


Through this, DBREV aims to create a living tribute to Dr Doug Banks and to carry forward his vision and passion for the implementation of renewable energy in order to make a difference to people's lives.